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The Story of Robart

When I initially started doing smaller projects for my friends and family members, I really didn’t think that the digital marketing space could be so full of uncertainty and fairytales.

In my mind, it seemed like the big companies have some magical unattainable knowledge that always brings great results to their clients. So, I studied day and night, buying dozens of different courses and watching countless hours of videos.

As time went on, I was too often exposed to situations where people were getting sub-par services and results from well-known companies and so I felt that this needs to change.

Something I came across was that the poor results were not happening because of bad intentions, but due to the overwhelming amount of work that many employees of bigger companies had to face – much of which could be avoided by improving communication systems and company structure.

On my journey, I have found many amazing people who share similar feelings, and so we have gathered together to provide the best service, care, and honesty to our clients.”

We take every clients business as if it were our own, allocating and closely monitoring marketing budgets as if they were going out directly from our pockets.

We have been constantly scoring home runs for our clients thanks to our radical honesty and unsurpassable work ethic.

If you are a like-minded individual and are looking for an agency that cares deeply about the growth of their clients, apply for a call with us.

Let’s see if we can unleash some hidden opportunities that you might have not been aware of.

To your success,
Chris Rudy
Founder & CEO of Robart

Brands We've Partnered With

2X YOY Revenue Growth
"We didn't know that there was so much money left on the table when we started working with Robart.

Their team helped us to expand to Europe profitably in a matter of months, grow sales on the off-seasons, and help us make data-based business decisions."

Our Principles

We put people first

This applies to our employees, our clients and the people who see our advertisements.

We put tremendous work into studying your business and your customers. We understand that the best way to sell your product/service is to get deep into the mind of your potential client. We collect feedback from your customers and the people on the front-lines of your business.

By constantly listening and taking notes, we are able to fine-tune your marketing strategy like no-one else. This allows us to lower your cost per client acquisition and bring you exactly the clients you want.

Your clients, on the other hand, are educated and nurtured into becoming your raving fans.

We are ROI driven

We know that it doesn’t matter how many people see your advertisements or how many website visitors you get, if it doesn’t result in cash in the bank.

We work together with you to build a ground-shaking marketing strategy that’ll have eager customers running to your business with their wallets out.

We’ll make sure that your whole online marketing becomes an ecosystem which consistently delivers a predictable flow of leads and sales to your business each month so that you can free up more time to work on your business, not inside of it.

We take the guessing and worrying part out of it for you and give you a process that allows you to spend more time enjoying life with your friends and family.

The A-Team

Chris Rudy

Founder & CEO

Robert N.

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